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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who is the "Modest Bride"?

The Modest Bride is precious. She is a diamond, a pearl... She knows that the most beautiful and precious and valued resources in this world are always protected. Whether they are diamonds or rubies or emeralds lain deep in the earth by a power and force greater than her own or any other... Or a single precious pearl formed in rough, hard, air-tight shell of an oyster below the depths of the waves... She knows that only the most righteous and devoted efforts deserve great reward and treasure... not every lazy hand that reaches or eye that prys.The Modest Bride knows that Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala (God the Most High and Exalted) created Woman as the resource (not a commodity for sale) most greatly desired by Man, and so she dresses to please God, and to bring herself closer to Allah subhanhu wa ta'ala, even on her wedding day. Only the man that promises (before he even touches or sees her) to protect, provide, love, please, and cherish her, deserves to see her in all her glory. So she does not remove her hijab (her veil/covering) on her wedding day, if there are to be men present other than those of her firm relation (her father, her brother/brothers, her Uncle/Uncles, and her grandfathers). These MEN have already earned her trust, and confidence, and she is about to be wed to a man who is prepared to endeavor towards that. Only after this man has promised, both to His Creator, and to valid witnesses concerned for her well being, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment, that he will do so, will he deserve to look at this woman who stands before him. If you’ve ever been to a jewelry store, you know that there are a lot of items on display at a jewelry store. A lot of these rings and necklaces can be worn and tried on by anyone, but there are those real expensive and rare items that are locked away and you have to ask the clerk if you want to try them on. It’s because those jewels are worth a lot more.