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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Marie Antionette Themed Wedding Cakes

What I love about this cake, is you could get practically any bakery to whip you up a three tiered blue-iced creations and then you could supply the rose/feather topper yourself. If in the United Kingdom this cake comes from http://www.cakefool.co.uk/index.php . This is a little beyond your average Grocery Store bakery's abilities but if you have a serrious sweet tooth---it might be worth the investment:D. Marie Antionette themed wedding cake from San Francisco's http://www.cakecoquette.com/
And this towering creation, perfect for a rock-star princess http://www.glassslippergourmet.com/home.html. Very, very dramatic.
And I don't know who this one is by but it'd work for sure. Pic from this site though http://styleguide.com.au/issue2/mary_a.php. It really says for me "Let them eat cake" though M. Antionette never said that though. Quite possibly the most famous misquote in history, it was one of Marie Antionette's husband's Aunts (the Sun King's sisters) where that quote came from, not the ill-befated Dauphine. The young Dauphine and future Queen of France, actually had alot more compassion for the poor than that, though less knowledge of them. LOL, that's what one learns when they hang out with Aalia too much:D


Lisa said...

I just love the butterflies in the first one!

I really love the simplicity of this one, not to mention the groom!


Love you!