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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blog Focus: The Bridesmaid's Guide for practically everything

This blog really isn't really just for bridemaids... It is inspiration and practical info for anyone out there planning a wedding/walima and or reception. Its focus is on modest brides (primarily Muslim women who are having mixed weddings where non-maharams are present, as I am Mulim myself, but any woman with a religious or personal prefence for modesty may apply the sources here featured ), and those around them helping to organize her event. InshaAllah (God willing), you will find these pages useful. For any Muslim woman out there planning to have her wedding in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, I am available as a wedding planner, and for any Christian bride, I can be contacted to help you locate modest bridal garments and to help plan decor, venue, ect... for the reception. I do charge for my services though. You can leave your email in the comments section of the blog posts to contact me for my services. As I moderate all comments, you don't have to worry about your personal email being posted. I will then contact you. Please enjoy my blog here, and hope you find something that you like or that you can use!

Note to all the Muslim women out there: these pics are because I love the location and composition of the photographs, not because the dresses are appropriate to be worn in the manner that they are for the hijabi bride!!!! Love you all for the sake of Allah..

-Pixie aka Alixianne


Zainab said...

May the one for whose sake you love us also love you. Ameen.

Alixianne said...

Zainab: Jazzakallah kheiran sister. ameen.