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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Marie Antionette Wedding: Inspiration Board

This one is for my girl Aalia, lol, if I ever had to plan her a fun and funky walima that her non-muslim family members could come to. She loves everything historical (like "the other Boelyn Girl", "Elizabeth", and "Marie Antionette") and everything pink, so what would be cuter than pretty pink and baby blue pastel pallette with a Marie Antionette theme? Believe it or not, very easy and inexpensive to pull off. Pink fans for the guests, a visit to the pattiserie for sweet bon-bons, feathers to go on top of a cake, lots of roses spilling out from vintage ceramics (puchased by moi on a used-store crawl---Aalia is not too proud---she wouldn't mind as she loves her history). I would make a palm tree centerpeices out of pink ostrich feathers and tie the forks and knives in the table settings with blue ribbon. It would be very very pretty.


Lisa said...

When I think of Marie Antionette, all I picture are guillotines, so I am amazed at your creativity! I also like the triangle/square cake. And the dress, mashallah what a pretty choice. Love you guys and I agree Aalia would love this.