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Saturday, July 18, 2009

IN PROGRESS: Three Hundred Dollar Wedding: My Own Civil Service

THE THEME: Midsummer's Night Dream

THE DATE: Wednesday, September 9th 2009 (NOTE TO SELF: it will still be Ramadaan so Magraib will be 7:40 P.M [that's when we'll eat])
THE VENUE: My Aunt and Uncle's 6 acre property, including the lawns, the forest, and the orchard. THE DRESS: vintage caftan (more photos to come after the event) that cost me 12 dollars. It is a delicate peach shade, generously bisht-cut, with a floral pattern woven in the fabric design, very fine thread embroidery at the neck and hem. I feel like a princess in it. THE GROOM: black tuxedo suit (he already owns), dress socks, and a crystal boutonniere.
THE CAKE: strawberry shortcake decorated with strawberries, served on a vintage ceramic cake stand, with raspberry sorbet and vanilla icecream served as a side in vintage teacups... I am thinking to make my own cake copper out of gold-coloured wire, swaroski crystals, pastel coloured feather butterflies, and pearls, but if I give up on that idea due to time contraints, our cake topper will be the bride and groom's mongrammed initials. If using the initials, we will add sparklers, lol.
THE RING: vintage ruby (not from Burma). Worn with henna:P
LA VOILLE: I will be wearing a vintage hat covered in dupoine cream silk with an attached toffee-coloured tulle handbeaded veil. I will wear a pale pinkish-peach hijab and attached the bridal veil with Victorian hat pins that I've always had but have NO IDEA where they've come from.
THE GUESTS: will be a small party of family and close friends. They will wear what they want, so I made these collages just for fun:p I'll have about 30 people, including children. The only point of a big wedding for me would be an excuse to feed the poor en masse. I don't like them otherwise, a tonne of people you don't really know and some you don't really like but you have to invite in order to invite someone else. LOL, sooooo NOT my style.
THE TABLE SETTING: The goal is to transform some very plain picnic tables with table cloths in peach, vases of hydrangeas, and green and copper glass votive candle holders, into something casual but luxe. The mixed china (very mixed, chipped, and famial) will make is casual. Rose petals from the gardens will be carpet under our feet. Paper streamers will hang from the trees in the orchard, tickling our faces, but not long enough to lick the food. For us, the wine will be Vimto (which is a non-alchoholic Saudi celebatory beverage that looks like red wine) : The lay-out will be very family comfy casual only with more polish, inshaAllah. Because my way of dealing with people is casual, but I like to have everything around me look beautiful and elegant. That's just me. AND.. I like the idea of using an old persian rug outside under the table. Y and I have the perfect one. Ribbon back chairs? Those'd be perfect for dressing up the folding chairs we'll undoubtably have to use. I wonder if my dad would let me spray paint them????:D So much still to do!WEDDING SHOES: it is traditional in my family for the bride to wear green satin evening slippers on her wedding night (Danaan-Sidhe lol) but I think this might be a pagan tradition so I am uncertain whether of not to go for it. I might end up wearing blue shoe sinstead of green, but I like coloured shoes with a wedding dress. That's just me.
DECORATIONS: other decorations include paper heart garlands, white christmas lights, pink paper lanterns, paper streamers, natural foliage... and not nearly so many chairs as the last pic:D


Habibti said...

assalamu alaykum where do you buy your vintage stuff village value?

Laura said...

salam dear :)
Just Allah knows how much I wanted this post.. lol
loved the idea with the coloured shoes, i once saw a bride all white with dark red satin shoes, very amazing!!!
and now as i can really see the had-veil thingy... i can just repeat how special and unique i think it is, mashallah!

love it!!! ;)

Majda said...

Really nice idea. Really creative and I looooooooooove the idea of colored shoes with a wedding dress.

Outta curiosity and I don't really mean to pry but may I ask what ethnicity/background the bride and groom will be?

Also you're getting married the day before my birthday! Yay!

Yasemin said...

The green bridesmaid shoes are so sweet, though yes maybe blue would be even prettier you know. I can picture matching paper streamers and everything!

I like the picnic table, semi-casual dining option with lots of room for kids to run! Love you and awesome choices so far.

Asmaa_a said...

I love your idea mashaAllah. I am a bride to be, my wedding is gone be in Egypt, but I am european(Romanian). I wish I could have in Egypt the big garden I have in here and I would deffinetly follow your advice. You are very creative, mashaAllah.
Congratulations and Maburok for your marrige :)

Umm Salihah said...

thank you for this lovely post. I know a handful of sisters getting married soon and most have a tight budget, I also have my brother's wedding coming up and insh'Allah at som point my three sisters and of course, again the word budget comes up. I have just been directing all of the girls towards this blog.

I hope your special day goes perfectly insh'Allah, I am sure it will all come together beautifully. Oh and I just ahve to have those green jewelled shoes, stunning.